"The Supply Chain Foundation" owns a unique skills mapping and evaluation framework which can optimise the job market making for supply chain professionals.

Recognizing the need for a specialist-approach, "The Supply Chain Foundation" has built its service offering around the concept of "active market making" between job seekers and recruiters with the sets of services described below.



a) Job search: personnel looking for a job can complete a candidate profile and get it calibrated by "The Supply Chain Foundation" and then search for matching jobs and formally apply with a guarantee of receiving detailed factual feedback on competency match.

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b) Candidate search: recruiters looking for staff would complete a job profile and get it calibrated by "The Supply Chain Foundation" and then search for matching candidates and formally engage into recruitment evaluation.

"The Supply Chain Foundation" can also organise technical interviews (efficient screening of supply chain credentials and skills) in the candidate geographic area and support the analytics thereafter with a complete end-to-end talent management.

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The Benefits are:

1. More Relevant: technical approach to a profession which has become technical and global

2. More Reliable: enhanced quality of the profiles (both candidate and job)

3. More Efficient recruitment process: cheaper, faster and more reliable

4. More Complete because is integrated into the complete Talent Management cycle

More Relevant: focused and global


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