The SCF in Qatar


SCF has launched its operations in Qatar

Building on GCC activities (esp. Oman) ever since 2010, The "Supply Chain Foundation" (SCF) is now also present and active in Qatar.

The sector of relevance are the following ones:

1. Oil & Gas

2. Construction

3. Retail

4. Logistics

5. Chemicals & other diversified industries

For the construction industry, the SCF was an active participant at the iconic "Project Qatar" event which took place in Doha in late April early May 2019.

In addition to having its own local executive representation, the SCF has signed a partnership agreement with INSPIRE TRAINING ACADEMY, a premier professional training institute with strong local connections and state-of-the-art training facilities, right in the heart of Doha, able to accommodate large cohorts of demanding professionals, with all relevant computer facilities.

For more information, please contact us at Qatar (@)


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