"The Supply Chain Foundation" aims at fostering a sense of community among the most dynamic Supply Chain professionals who would be ready to exchange with others, share views in a professional, graceful and respectful manner.

Membership to "The Supply Chain Foundation" is free of charge but solely reserved to supply chain professionals. Candidate members need to provide employment details at sign-up.

SCF members are part of this unique supply chain professional social network where they can develop their supply chain management competencies and broaden their knowledge horizons through collaborative, reflective, and challenging development experiences. It is made of a series of “communities of practice”.

àpart of a community of professionals



Our networking philosophy holds in five key differentiating points:

Private and confidential network:
no disclosure of other connections nor of unwanted information.

Exclusively professional: no personal details are shared to an open public.

Specialised: all members share interest in the broad supply chain area. Connect with fellow professionals now.

Integrative content: acting as a one-stop source of information, it includes access to selected knowledge and key supply chain events worldwide and digests from most relevant news sources.

Content-rich interactions: members can choose their mode of interaction with a focus on "content", contrary to most open social networking sites. In particular, members can contribute to capturing the latest logistics market trends and better understanding the true features of a whole variety of supply chain it tools.



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