The "Supply Chain Foundation" (SCF) is a global network of Supply Chain professionals, which aims at "Enriching Professional Lives, Globally": check out the SCF vision.

"The Supply Chain Foundation" has been created by long-standing supply chain professionals at the cross-roads of purchasing, logistics, operations and management with a view to integrate such disciplines with no historic legacy in any particular discipline and a clear focus on contributing to creating a profession which would be recognized as having a decisive impact on the performance of organisations and would thus motivate all professionals to engage into rewarding careers.



The perspective taken by the SCF is multi-functional, considering Supply Chain Management (SCM) in the broadest sense of all key functions contributing to supplying customers with requested goods or services. These functions are Procurement, Logistics, Operations (including manufacturing) and Customer Service & Support, in a managerial context.

The geographic perspective taken here is global and the content perspective is on content of relevant to all members with a focus on fruitful interactions with full respect for confidentiality and privacy. (No user and passwords can stolen from us, contrary to public social networks).


In the same spirit, only a limited set of information is available on the public pages of this site.

Interested supply chain professionals are invited to sign-up (FREE of Charge) to discover more.



The main features of "The Supply Chain Foundation" are :

- Fully professional with privacy, integrity, specialised in supply chain with a focus on "content"

- Full set of services: with easy access to networking, information, knowledge, training, qualifications, jobs, events

- Far reaching: global, integrative (aiming at being a one-stop shop in supply chain) and pro-active.


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Quick Links

Here is the list of main dependent sites which you can access directly:

- Supply Chain Capability Development Platform (CDP): improve your capabilities

Supply Chain Foundation Store: buy reports, courses, simulation runs...

- Supply Chain Quiz: check how good you really are !


Qualified supply chain professionals

Looking for qualified supply chain professionals or placing an "authentication request"? click here


Other languages

- Pour la version en Français, cliquez ici avec les nouvelles Francophones et l'espace des Talents : ne ratez la grille des salaires et notre célèbre « Ceci n’est pas une Supply Chain » : cliquez ici (il faut être membre!)

- For the Chinese version (??), click here.



The British Council ranked The Supply Chain Foundation (SCF) in the top 3 best international skills partnership for the on-going partnership which it has with the CGEM (Confédération Générale des Entreprises Marocaines).

In particular, the SCF helped launch the "Supply Chain Competency Network" which shares best practices and contributes to the deployment of a structured qualification and training system with a view to raise the employability of current and aspiring Supply Chain professionals in Morocco.

More details on the Morocco page of this website, on the British Council website and on the SCF Facebook site.


Le transport des marchandises à l'ère du numérique

BLOCKCHAIN : Le transport des marchandises à l'ère du numérique

Voir l'article en français dans la section Francophone: cliquez ici


Latest additions

Sustainable Supply Chains: check out our new section here.

Professional Social Learning: the SCF is launching a "Supply Chain sOcial Learning Initiative (SCOLI)": check it out here.


Latest Trends

Late Payments are a Global Disease which limit Supply Chains

Supply Chains depend on the commercial trade between Supply Chain players. However, the latest research by ACTIOM reveals that over 50% of buyers paid their suppliers late, in spite of all the progress in IT Systems and management processes. Something is still broken in the trade settlements which not only create frictions, widen the $2.5 trillion Global Trade Finance Gap but also damage relationships when TRUST is key in TRADE.

Structural solutions are emerging such as TradinLoop, an innovative Commercial Transaction Facilitation platform. Check it out here.

Survey on Business Customers Late Payment: share your voice here


Supply Chain Disruptions and Regulations

After the never ending Covid-19 Global Supply Chain disruptions, there are now new regulations that make Supply Chain Risk Management is requirement; read on "The Supply Chain Due Diligence Act comes into force on 1 January 2023"


More News below: scroll down...




Global Market Trends

Ocean Freight:

To check with other SCF members what the current trends are, go to the market data

Air Freight:

The latest statistics reveal a contrasted picture: check out here for the details

Supply Chain Jobs:

NEW: Supply Chain Trainers worldwide on exciting opportunities: click here.

        Demand for supply chain professionals exceeds supply by a ratio of 6 to 1: read on...

To access the Supply Chain Job Market, click here


Latest Global Supply Chain NEWS

  • Late payments are a global epidemic disease in search of curation; some like TradinLoop are emerging... check the video here

  • Lifelong learning is an economic imperative (The Economist )

  • More women in the C-suite thanks to Supply Chain jobs

To access the news, click here


Digital learning

As billions of professionals have learned to work from a distance, it is time to continue your Digitalisation by fully embracing elearning, including immersive techniques: special discount for members !! click here


Medical Devices Benchmark

Get a free Benchmark study covering the key trends in medical device supply chain:
 - How industry standards are driving high operational costs
 - The impact of last minute deliveries and low inventory turnover on costs
 - The state of inventory management and device production outsourcing

Check it out on our Knowledge section



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